Model Kit: 1/144 RG Wing Gundam Zero Custom Endless Waltz ver. (Update 1)

While I promised myself I wouldn’t get another model kit until I finished the custom work I’ve been doing intermittently on Exia, this one was at too good a price for me to pass up, and I haven’t yet had the pleasure of building an RG (real grade) gundam before as it was only recently introduced. These are smaller than the 1/100 kits that I like to build, but are apparently as intricate as the MG (master grade) kits that I’d want to save up for.

Also, it just so happens to be one of my all time favorite mobile suits:

The box art on the RGs is actually quite lovely, sadly the kit isn’t as detailed as the render (Which is incredibly, unfeasibly detailed, mind you)

2015-05-20 01.04.54

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Build: Daft Punk – Guy-Manuel’s Helmet [May 2011]

Another Volpin inspired build, I initially built this for a school fashion show put on by our high school’s Eco-Club.

For those that need enticing, here’s a video of a lighting demonstration with the finished build:

Major thanks go out to my pal Blackle for programming the arduino board, allowing for the spectacular lightshow

Without further ado, on to the build!

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Cover/Jam: Resonance

The heavy storm had hit the unsuspecting suburbia like the apologetic tire hits the apathetic turtle: bearing no premeditation nor semblance of ill will, yet swift, brutal, and uncompromising, it’s abrupt arrival uncontestably heralded by a roaring cacophony. The power died not twenty minutes later.

Enchanted by the fearsome deluge, I grab some my camera, my guitar, some batteries, and an old relic of a cassette voice recorder and make for the porch. The electricity stoppered by the storm, I kill 15 minutes using the downpour as a backdrop. Some improv mixed with some bits and pieces of stuff I’ve heard.

Blog: Hello, welcome, and a throwback.

Hello, friends. I’ve finally taken it upon myself to make a proper blog-type site to keep track of my many endeavors. As of the posting of this blog entry, I’ve managed to get something in nearly every category for your perusal, meaning the site is finally ready to go. I’ll be staggering my updates so  I can get through my backlog of posts (as I assure you there is much more where this came from, all waiting to be formatted and posted) at a rate that keeps me from becoming over encumbered, while at the same time keeping things consistently fresh and interesting for those who choose to check back often.

To get in the spirit of things, I choose to have my first formal blog post (this one) feature a piece I wrote a while back regarding the purpose of fiction, and why I’ve always thought it was interesting. At any rate, welcome!

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Short Story/Poem: Moo

<I wrote this so long ago that I had forgotten it even existed. Regardless, I read it again and had a chuckle, so I’ll put it out here instead of the archive. -KD>


A cow and a duck stood on a hillside.
The cow’s curiosities, in the duck, she’d confide.

Said the cow to the duck, as it looked to the sky
“Why in the world do the clouds hang so high?”

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Music Blog: MUSE! – Drones Hype Edition

Those that know me on the outernet should be fairly aware by now that Muse is one of my favorite bands of all time. For those unfamiliar with the band, Muse is an alternative rock band known for their bombastic and visually spectacular live performances, and their “Conspiracy Rock” aesthetic they they apply to their music. While primarily a rock band, they are known to readily volunteer to fudge the boundary between genres.

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Short Story: Black Tea

<Unsurprisingly, I was at a cafe-type place when I wrote this. Also, indent formatting on WordPress is itself a clerical chore. Ugh. -KD>

Black tea.

    Black tea is really bitter. But then again, I suppose I am too.

So far, it’s been one of those mornings. Not a bad morning, things could be worse, but as usual, things are far from fine.

    The nihilism has set in and it’s not even quarter-to-twelve.

    Earlier than usual.

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