Original Music: Recluse (Acoustic)

This is the acoustic backbone/concept for an original song I was writing for a band I was a part of. Sadly, we split up before the song could be completed due to █████████████.

At any rate, here’s “Recluse”:

Original Music: AXE to the Face

A long time ago, my friend A█████ and I spent an afternoon messing around with Garage Band. see below for the resulting chaos.

“Lightning Potato” is a light, guitar solo wankery laden attempt at an improv jam.

“Untitled 1” is a faster, Bloc Party-ish inspired track, featuring our buddy J████ who is sadly no longer with us. He moved to Alberta.

The Archive: Phantasms – Chapters 1-2 (discont.) [2011]

<The beginnings of a supernatural thriller I had planned, that I eventually lost the plot to. Chapter 3 is on an old HDD somewhere. If I find it, I’ll update this. – KD>

Chapter 1: Oddity


She continues to walk, unresponsive. I stand there, unheard, and watch as the slender figure of the girl is swallowed up by hallway traffic, and as the last flutter of her silvery hair becomes obscured by the rush. Awkward? Only slightly. The hallways are a bit noisy between classes, so It’s quite possible that she just didn’t hear me. The reason I tried to get the girl’s attention, a small item, lies there at my feet. Ballpoint, blue or black ink by the looks of it, with gold lettering running down the shaft. Many high quality pens have the owner’s name, or company written in elegant slanting script, but oddly enough, this text on this otherwise fancy looking pen had been printed rather than scripted. I squint my eyes, and the small blockish words come into focus…

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The Archive: Hellbound – Chapters 1-3 (discont.) [2009]

Chapter 1: Forty-five Minutes

January. It was nearly a week since the crowds of drunken people had gathered at the nightclub to herald the new year. Everyone celebrated in their own way, the rockers went to concerts, the thugs got drunk and beat the shit out of each other, the skaters went to the pro expo at the local park, and Jason stayed home. In during the 5 years he lived in this town, he would always spend the last night of the year at home, in his room. He went out for Halloween, Christmas, Victoria Day, anything you would regularly go out for. Even when his parents went out on new year’s, he would stay home out of choice, he just preferred it. However, this year was the first time he felt the lingering pain in the pit of his stomach, Regret.

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The Archive: Reflections [April 2009]


Few people have the liberty to claim they know me well. I would guess that its safe to say that all I’ve ever been to the public was an unsolved mystery, a small detail that nobody saw importance in noticing. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends. A small group of us that are loosely tied together by common interests. But to say that I am content with the way my life is currently, would be a lie. This ability… Is neither exceptional, nor do I necessarily see it as an impediment. It was at the age of 13 that the visions came. It started out small at first: Shadows of inanimate objects moving of their own volition. The smallest twitch would freak me out, as i thought that the shadows were alive. Nobody else could see what I see, I soon realized.

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Build: “Bouncer” type Big Daddy (Bioshock) costume [Oct 2010]

Not my first costume build, but probably one of the first ones that I have sufficient photographic evidence of. I was inspired in no small part by my prop making idol, Volpin, and his incredible costume of the same character. And so, an ambitious and impressionable 12 grader, in his final year of high school, figured he’d go all out for his final high school Halloween costume. I later wore it to Anime North 2011, and then retired it altogether as I no longer had the space to store it, throwing out all but the drill, which itself was disposed of in a recent move. Regardless, have a look:

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