Short Story/Poem: Moo

<I wrote this so long ago that I had forgotten it even existed. Regardless, I read it again and had a chuckle, so I’ll put it out here instead of the archive. -KD>


A cow and a duck stood on a hillside.
The cow’s curiosities, in the duck, she’d confide.

Said the cow to the duck, as it looked to the sky
“Why in the world do the clouds hang so high?”

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Music Blog: MUSE! – Drones Hype Edition

Those that know me on the outernet should be fairly aware by now that Muse is one of my favorite bands of all time. For those unfamiliar with the band, Muse is an alternative rock band known for their bombastic and visually spectacular live performances, and their “Conspiracy Rock” aesthetic they they apply to their music. While primarily a rock band, they are known to readily volunteer to fudge the boundary between genres.

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Short Story: Black Tea

<Unsurprisingly, I was at a cafe-type place when I wrote this. Also, indent formatting on WordPress is itself a clerical chore. Ugh. -KD>

Black tea.

    Black tea is really bitter. But then again, I suppose I am too.

So far, it’s been one of those mornings. Not a bad morning, things could be worse, but as usual, things are far from fine.

    The nihilism has set in and it’s not even quarter-to-twelve.

    Earlier than usual.

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Original Music: AXE to the Face

A long time ago, my friend A█████ and I spent an afternoon messing around with Garage Band. see below for the resulting chaos.

“Lightning Potato” is a light, guitar solo wankery laden attempt at an improv jam.

“Untitled 1” is a faster, Bloc Party-ish inspired track, featuring our buddy J████ who is sadly no longer with us. He moved to Alberta.

The Archive: Phantasms – Chapters 1-2 (discont.) [2011]

<The beginnings of a supernatural thriller I had planned, that I eventually lost the plot to. Chapter 3 is on an old HDD somewhere. If I find it, I’ll update this. – KD>

Chapter 1: Oddity


She continues to walk, unresponsive. I stand there, unheard, and watch as the slender figure of the girl is swallowed up by hallway traffic, and as the last flutter of her silvery hair becomes obscured by the rush. Awkward? Only slightly. The hallways are a bit noisy between classes, so It’s quite possible that she just didn’t hear me. The reason I tried to get the girl’s attention, a small item, lies there at my feet. Ballpoint, blue or black ink by the looks of it, with gold lettering running down the shaft. Many high quality pens have the owner’s name, or company written in elegant slanting script, but oddly enough, this text on this otherwise fancy looking pen had been printed rather than scripted. I squint my eyes, and the small blockish words come into focus…

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The Archive: Hellbound – Chapters 1-3 (discont.) [2009]

Chapter 1: Forty-five Minutes

January. It was nearly a week since the crowds of drunken people had gathered at the nightclub to herald the new year. Everyone celebrated in their own way, the rockers went to concerts, the thugs got drunk and beat the shit out of each other, the skaters went to the pro expo at the local park, and Jason stayed home. In during the 5 years he lived in this town, he would always spend the last night of the year at home, in his room. He went out for Halloween, Christmas, Victoria Day, anything you would regularly go out for. Even when his parents went out on new year’s, he would stay home out of choice, he just preferred it. However, this year was the first time he felt the lingering pain in the pit of his stomach, Regret.

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